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Civil Engineering

sewer and water mitigation installation

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines (second only to military engineering), so it’s no wonder that civil engineering forms the backbone of Venture’s service offerings.  From Land Planning and Site Plan preparation to storm water management, we have the people and the expertise to make your project a reality.  One of the things that separates Venture from other Engineering firms is our cost-effective approach to every design, where every element of the design, from the beginning, is completed with the cost of construction in mind.  The below list of services barely scratches the surface of what we can do, but it’s a great representation of the diverse projects we are capable of leading and supporting.

Land Planning / Site Planning

  • Subdivision Master Planning / Land Planning
  • Commercial s& Multi-Family Site Planning
  • Student Housing Site Development Plans
  • Rezoning / Variances

Water Distribution System Design

  • Pressure Piping System Modeling
  • Water Distribution System Construction Plans and Details
  • Water Distribution System Permitting

Wastewater Collection/Disposal Design

site planning map

  • Sanitary Sewer Design and Permitting
  • Sewer Pumping Station Design
  • Industrial Wastewater Pre-treatment

Stormwater Management

  • Stormwater Master Planning
  • Grading and Drainage Design and Construction Plans
  • Sediment and Erosion Control / Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Stormwater Permitting / Land Disturbance Permitting