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Residential Projects and Services

Multi-family home construction

After operating over 25 years in the Grand Strand, Venture Engineering has seen and worked on virtually every type of Structural Engineering project.  You could say it’s been our bread and butter for quite a long time.  In the Coastal area of South Carolina and surrounding states, residential buildings are subject to high-wind loading requirements, and often seismic considerations and coastal flood zones have a significant bearing on residential and commercial construction.  Below are listed a handful of the different types of residential projects we’ve undertaken over the years.

Full-service engineering for single family beach homes

Residential Services

  • Structural Home Design and Construction Plans
  • Renovations and Additions
  • Solar and Geothermal Energy Design
  • No Rise / No Impact Evaluations in Coastal Flood Zones

In addition to Civil and Structural engineering for residential projects, Venture also offers Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering services. Venture is a “one-stop-shop” for all the engineering work on your project and can help make your vision a reality, literally from the ground up. Consolidating the engineering for a project with one firm (i.e., us) can also save you money in the long run due to efficiencies in project management, overhead, and general communication, and that’s always a good thing.