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Structural Engineering

Commercial masonry structural design

Venture Engineering has a long track record with many types of structures, including steel, masonry, and wood structures for both residential and commercial clients. From ground-up structural and foundation design to defect evaluation consulting, we have done it all. Whatever the structural components to your engineering project might be (whether it’s included in the list below or not), the skilled engineers at Venture are capable and available to help.

Structural Design

  • Steel Buildings
  • Reinforced Masonry Structures
  • Wood Frame (Single or Multistory)
  • Other Commercial Structures (Towers, Signs, Retaining Walls, Parking Structures, etc.)

Residential structural design

Foundation Design

  • Monolithic Slab / Stemwall Foundation Design
  • Crawl Space Foundations
  • Piling / Masonry Columns in Floodplains
  • FHA / VA Foundation Design (Manufactured Homes)
  • Fortified Design (FFSL)

Structural Forensic Evaluation & Repair

  • Foundation Evaluation
  • Commercial Structural Defect evEluation and Remediation Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Defect Evaluation and Remediation Design